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Variator Yasuni Motor Minarelli 50-90cc
Variator Yasuni Motor Minarelli 50-90cc

Variator Yasuni Motor Minarelli 50-90cc

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Transmission  Axial YASUNI - VAR050MHO00


YASUNI has invented, created and patented a truly automatic transmission system and not just a variator. With the Yasuni variator, the rider is totally in control: throttle engagement is transferred directly to the wheel and therefore the best engine performance is obtained. 

Manufacture: Aluminium body of the 6000 series, machined on a CNC with a ceramic coating. Stainless steel is used for the ramp. In order to reduce friction, we have included an exclusive and patented fibre centre bushing: the B32. The sliding rollers are made of high-tech plastic with molybdenum.

Product characteristics:

An Yasuni transmission is the only one able to increase the performance of ALL the engine ranges.

               Better acceleration than any other on the market.

               Shorter first gear. Offers more safety when setting out at traffic lights and when joining lanes/roads.

               Greater push, up to 25% more, and mid-range recovery. Therefore, more safety when overtaking.

               Longer sixth gear, which guarantees a greater top speed.

               Better deceleration; brake/engine effect.

               Maximum engine performance optimisation and reduced fuel consumption.

               Better touch of gas and a far faster response.

               Softer and more efficient riding.

               Great durability, low maintenance, higher performance and better motorcycle behaviour.

               Unique and exclusive product patented by YASUNI.

               Specific components for each make, model and engine capacity of the scooter or maxi-scooter.

IMPORTANT: The speed variator must be installed with a soft spring as standard. Its optimum operation has been developed to work with this type of spring, otherwise it could cause problems in its operation. 


Amico 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) 491 GT 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Ark 50cc AC/LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Gsp euro2 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h])
Area 51 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h]) 491 Sport 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Chrono 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
Gulliver 50cc AC/LC 2T (minarelli [h]) K2 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Eikon 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h])
Rally 50cc AC/LC 2T (minarelli [h]) K2 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Quadra 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
Scarabeo 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Naked 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Tempo 50cc AC 2T
Sonic 50cc AC/LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Pepe 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
SR >1994 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
SR Netscaper 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h])
SR Racing 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h])
SR Replica 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h])
SR Stealth 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h])
SR WWW (minarelli [h])

Dragster 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Centro 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Booster 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) Aerox 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h])
Pista 2 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) Ciak 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Booster NG 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) Aerox euro2 50cc LC 2T  (minarelli [h])
Scoop 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) F10 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Booster Rocket 50cc AC 2T  (minarelli [v]) Axis 50cc AC 2T  (minarelli [h])
Yankee 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) F12 Phantom 50cc AC/LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Booster Spirit 50cc AC 2T  (minarelli [v]) Breeze 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
Dragster 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h]) F12 Phantom Digit Kat 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Booster Track 50cc AC 2T  (minarelli [v]) BW'S 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v])
Pista 2 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) F12 Phantom Digit Kat euro2 >2003 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Equalis 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) BW'S NG 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v])
Scoop 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) F15 Fire Fox 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Evolis 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Jog 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
Yankee 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) Yesterday 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Fizz 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Jog ER 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
Dragster 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Flipper 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Jog R 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
Pista 2 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) Forte 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Jog RR euro2 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h])
Scoop 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) Hot Champ 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Jog Z 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
Yankee 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) Mach G 50cc AC/LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Neo’s 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
Nitro 50cc LC 2T (minarelli [h]) Slider 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v])
Ovetto 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h]) Spy 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v])
Stunt 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v]) Vino 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
Why 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
Zest 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [h])
Zuma 50cc AC 2T (minarelli [v])
Stainless steel

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