HP RACE Variator Yamaha Nmax 125cc -...
HP RACE Variator Yamaha Nmax 125cc -...
HP RACE Variator Yamaha Nmax 125cc -...

HP RACE Variator Yamaha Nmax 125cc - Euro 5

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HP RACE Variator Yamaha Nmax 125cc - Euro 5


YASUNI has invented, created, and patented a true automatic transmission system, not just a simple variator. With the HP RACE variator, the rider is truly in control of the driving experience; throttle inputs are directly transferred to the wheel, achieving the best engine performance.

Manufacturing: CNC-machined 6000 series aluminum body with ceramic coating. Stainless steel is used for the ramp to reduce friction. We've incorporated a patented exclusive fiber central bushing, the B32. Sliding fingers are made of high-tech plastic with molybdenum.

Product Features:

The HP RACE Transmission is the only one capable of enhancing performance across ALL engine ranges.

  • Better acceleration than any other on the market.
  • Shorter first gear for increased safety at traffic lights and merging.
  • Increased torque, up to 25% more, and mid-range recovery, enhancing safety during overtaking.
  • Longer sixth gear for higher top speed.
  • Improved deceleration with engine braking effect.
  • Maximum optimization of engine performance and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Improved throttle response and faster reaction.
  • Smoother and more efficient driving experience.
  • High durability, low maintenance, improved motorcycle performance.
  • Unique and exclusive product patented by YASUNI.
  • Specific components for each scooter or maxiscooter brand, model, and engine size.

Stainless steel

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